What Credit Card Pre-Approval Really Means

The “approved” part of a pre-approved credit card can be a bit misleading. If you’ve ever been denied for a credit card that you were pre-approved for, then you know that being pre-approved doesn’t mean what it seems. As with any other credit card, approval isn’t guaranteed.

If you’re considering applying for a card you were pre-approved for, keep your fingers crossed, but don’t get your hopes up too high.…
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How Credit Card Issuers Use Your Income

Your monthly or annual income is one of the pieces of information credit card issuers need to complete your credit card application. Completing the income portion can be confusing for some applications, especially if you have non–traditional income or income from multiple sources.

You can include income you earn from a full-or part-time job, retirement disbursements, and social security benefits.…
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