How Do You Increase Your Credit Card Limit?

Don’t be surprised if there comes a point in your life when you want to increase your credit card limit. While you don’t see anything wrong with this, the decision ultimately rests with your credit card issuer.

Of course, your credit card company won’t know you want an increase unless you ask. That’s why it’s so important to understand the many ways you can request an increase. There are three basic methods to consider:

  • Online request. This is the easiest way to request a limit increase, as you can do it quickly through your online account. You may be asked some basic questions, such as how much of an increase you want, but for the most part it’s a simple process. Best yet, you’re typically given an answer on the spot.
  • Call your credit card company. If you have some questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call your credit card company to make your request. This gives you the opportunity to personally speaking with a representative who can explain the process, provide guidance, and once again, give you an immediate response.
  • Ask about automatic credit increases. Some credit card companies will review your account regularly with an eye toward issuing a credit limit increase. If you’re interested in this, call your issuer to see if it’s a perk they offer. This ensures that your account is regularly reviewed for limit increases, even if it’s not something you’re actively seeking. Note: even with automatic increase reviews in place, you can still make a request based on your needs.

You may be okay with the idea that your current credit card limit is more than enough for your personal needs. Conversely, there could come a point when you need access to more credit, which is when one or more of the strategies above come into play.

When was the last time you requested an increase to your credit card limit? How did you do so? Were you successful?


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