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Title: Denied Again!
Date Reviewed: 2013-03-21 16:21:20 | Recommended?: No

Review: I filed BK 2010 and did not applied for any credit until last year, was approved with Capital One twice. I applied at Barclay last 6 months ago and they declined me and last week I applied again because of my now increased credit limits on my other credit cards and in good standing yet still got declined. I called their customer service and they have asked me several questions in regards of why I filed BK but still got DECLINED. I'm never late or never over the limit on any of my credit cards....i'm getting frustrated Trans score 636

Title: Was Instantly Approved For $2000!
Date Reviewed: 2013-03-29 23:44:53 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I didn't think I would get approved because of my scores, but was instantly approved for $2000. I filed BK 2010. Eq634 TU623 Exp623.

Title: Barclay's Is Inept
Date Reviewed: 2013-04-03 12:35:05 | Recommended?: No

Review: The reward offer is standard for the airline industry but the ability of the Barclay's to handle posting of payments is poor at best. Their customer service in regards to isolating and correcting their mistakes is non existent. I would suggest applying for a rewards card backed by a bank with better organizational skills and better customer service such as Chase or Citi, Barclay's is horrible.

Title: Instantly Approved
Date Reviewed: 2013-09-24 07:34:25 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Approved instantly, CL $1500.00 (Which I was pleased to see, as I am finally getting approved for amounts larger than $300-500 to start off with) pulled TransUnion, I believe my score is around 630. This will be used as a tool to consolidate small credit card balances. Of which all accounts that will be consolidated are closed. I keep hearing mixed reviews about Barclays but I am hoping to have a good experience.

Title: Approved For Annual Fee Card
Date Reviewed: 2013-11-15 19:09:30 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Annual fee waived first year. 0% APR for 12 months, 2 airline tickets after $2,000 sending over first 3 months. Approved for $18,000. Not sure which credit Bureau pulled. EX 789 and TU 810.

Title: Good Card, Easy To Get Approved
Date Reviewed: 2013-11-21 13:25:39 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I got the card with a 710 fico and got $2000 instantly, its pretty easy to get from everyone I know who has applied with mid to low 600's. Rewards are nice and website is user friendly.

Title: Aprroved For WMC !!
Date Reviewed: 2013-12-05 03:06:30 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Decided to take a risk and apply for this card ..after checking the barclay preapproval site, it informed me I was preapproved for this card. After submitting the app, I was instantly approved for $5k which ensures me a World Master Card !! Excited because its my first of this kind ....can't wait to receive it ..

Title: Approved Instantly Have Time Share W Wyndam
Date Reviewed: 2014-01-27 00:24:18 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Approved instantly Have Time Share w Wyndam. Denied previously.

Title: Approved! Approved! Approved!
Date Reviewed: 2014-02-20 00:03:59 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: While reviewing my latest TU report, I noticed a soft from Barclays. Since I hadn't gotten any mail from them, I thought I'd check out the "Proactive Prescreen" site of theirs to see if an offer would come up - I'd tried it in the past and nothing had come up for me then. Lo and Behold - "You've been preselected!" Anyway, a few clicks and pecks later and boom...$2,000 credit line! The sucky thing is the APR - 23.99% - but there's only one APR available for this version of their rewards card. I did get 0% promo APR for 6 months though. Just going to baby this one since I know Barclays will be watching...thankfully, there's no other cards I want at the moment! Glad I've been able to get in with a few prime lenders over the past couple of months...AMEX and're next!!!

Date Reviewed: 2014-03-05 13:04:02 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Applied for Apple financing card and was approved for $5000.Currently use it for iTunes purchases and pay off at the end of each month. No problems to date. Customer service has been great.

Title: Pre-approved But Had To Call In...
Date Reviewed: 2014-03-19 10:18:19 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Thought I'd bite on a pre-approved offer at the end of a small app spree. Since I already had an open Barclaycard, my app was automatically tagged for review. I called the backdoor number right away and was connected to a credit analyst. After answering questions about my employment, income, and a couple of baddies on my TU report, the analyst told me he was able to approve me for $800. That was okay for my needs so I thanked him and hung up. Fast forward a few days later....I get the Welcome email from Barclays and the new account was added to my existing online profile...with a credit limit of $1,050! 12 months 0% APR then 24.99 after. Have only had the Barclaycard Rewards account barely a month now. Wow! Wasn't expecting that at all...thanks Barclays!

Title: Might As Well..
Date Reviewed: 2014-03-30 15:46:26 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied for this card because i originally applied for the card of my dreams (amex blue sky) and was declined once again so I figured I might as well apply for this one (i have heard it pretty good) since I already had a hard inquiry for that day might as well apply for this one and make it count as 1 inquiry. (if you apply for a multiple cards, loans etc in one day it counts as 1 inquiry fyi) (I work for a lender). Approved instantly for $9,000 credit line. my scores are as follows: equifax- 728 Experian-731 Transunion-739 They pulled my transunion bureau for the decision. Already set up my online account immediately after the decision which was nice.

Title: Great Card To Rebuild!
Date Reviewed: 2014-04-01 21:09:11 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied 2 weeks ago and I was instantly approved but to my surprise, I was only for $2000 my last card I was approved for was my Discover and the CL is 15k. I expected a higher limit but I will only use this card for gum and gas just to rebuild and I will not carry a balance.

Title: Instant Approval
Date Reviewed: 2014-05-23 11:54:18 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Applied through apple, instant approval for $1,200...will use for iTunes only. 12 months interest free financing on my purchase.

Title: Instant Approval
Date Reviewed: 2014-05-29 08:05:11 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Credit Line is $2K; this is the highest limit so far I have been instantly approved for. Barclays is doing me good, I have seen complaints about them, but if you pay good like any other company they reward you, late pays or no pays of course there is penalty. I needed this card for upcoming travel. Credit Report pulled was TU, not sure of the exact score just yet.

Title: Instant Approval
Date Reviewed: 2014-05-30 15:24:13 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Credit Score 653 Instant Approval $2,000

Title: Instantly Approved For $1,500 CL
Date Reviewed: 2015-01-26 23:52:01 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: My credit scores are: Equ 685 Experian 684 Trans 784 Instantly approved online for a $1,500 CL. Ch. 13 BK discharged in Sept 2012. 0% intro APR for 12 months plus 1% rewards. Looking forward to trying this card out and hopefully get CL increases over time with good payment history. The offer did say a CL will increase after 5 months of good payments.

Title: Barclay Rewards Card
Date Reviewed: 2015-02-10 16:56:44 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I apply for this card last year, didn't think I would like it . I love this card, the rewards are amazing, never ask for credit increases. This card I recommend to all my friends. I have all prime bank cards this is truly the best. Two thumbs up.

Title: Things Are Looking Up!!
Date Reviewed: 2015-08-04 23:11:12 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I am so excited to post this review! I received this "pre-selected" offer in the mail for this card. I was really hesitant on applying, because years back, I had a Juniper MasterCard, which was issued by Barclay's, and sadly I defaulted on the account. But the offer was so tempting, this card could get me into PRIME land for the first time since I started to rebuild last year. So I took a deep breath and put in the selection number given, and my heart the 7-10 day message, and thought, "oh no, they found the old account, its going to be a denial". So I blew it off and went to bed. In the morning, I got an email from them...APPROVED!!! I was stunned! Starting credit line $1000!! NO annual fee!! This card has rewards baby! Oh yeah! Possible increase for higher credit line in 5 months! This card is for someone with "fair" credit, and I don't believe I'm there yet, with a FICO score of 604...(which this card gives you for FREE!) but I've come a long way, all my sub-primers have helped me for. Interest rate a little high, my offer was 22.99%, which is lower than the rate stated at their website (24.99%). I get 2 points for every dollar spent on groceries, gas and utilities, and 1 point anywhere else. And rewards offers start at as little as 1000 points. Cash back, statement credits, gift cards No limits on what you can earn. All they require is account usage, which is even further defined as NO MORE than 3 months of inactivity, and kept in good standing, or you run the risk of rewards forfeiture.... I'm so happy. Never did I think that Barclay's was forgiving, but they were...Capital One too, I can't in good conscience forget them and they have helped me with second chances. Even First Premier gave me a second chance with their crappy card. Online site is wonderful, and so is the app on my I-phone, and the card is available for Apple Pay as well. I received a very nice welcome e mail from them too...I just felt like they WANT me as their customer? What a good feeling that I didn't have to put out a bunch of money to get a card to rebuild. I guess the hard work is paying off finally... The card also has a chip built into it already for greater security. Customer service was slightly hard to understand when I called to activate, but not too bad. I hope all of you can share my joy in this milestone. I truly hope all of my reviews have helped someone out there. All the best to you all...

Title: So Far So Good
Date Reviewed: 2015-08-23 14:01:45 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Very surprised I got approved. 2000 limit. 668 credit score. Interest rate is a little higher than desired. Very nice card to look at.

Title: Ideal For Regular Or Potential Cruisers
Date Reviewed: 2015-12-19 09:01:23 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: This is a very nice addition to the wallet of any current or prospective Carnival cruiser. Loyalty (fun) points accrue at 1 per $1 spend in regular stores, and double that for any spending on board the Carnival cruise ships. Plus there is usually a generous bonus of 5000 points awarded right after your first purchase. The points can be used to get money off future cruises, and at 50 USD discount for every 5000 points they are quite generous about it. Or you can redeem them to buy goodies on board if you prefer. There's no annual fee to pay on Carnival's Mastercard, and new users can enjoy 15 months of 0% APR on balances transferred within 45 days. The thing to watch for is that standard APR rates on transactions do vary quite dramatically, from 13.99% to 20.99% depending on your credit rating. Overall this is a great card option for a group of people which may be niche but is not small by any means.

Title: Happy So Far With Barclay
Date Reviewed: 2016-01-15 11:45:31 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I got approved with score of 577 Ck TU. That must be a record. I have 5 year old repo and my util is around 45% in 5 cc accounts with no late payments. One Wells Fargo for 3 years and the other cards around 6 months only. Hope this helps.

Title: Barclay Ring
Date Reviewed: 2016-05-15 16:32:46 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Awesome card if it fits in your card profile. Of late, I have most bases covered for travel, points, business, cash back and so on but, the Barclay Ring provides services not readily offered in the market place. The Iberia Bank Card or the Simmons First Bank Card have similar rates but that is it. The Barclay Ring goes so much further and the low cost no cost Balance Transfers, and Cash Advances for 8.25% with few fees is hard to miss. Imagine, no Foreign Exchange Fees is unreal. Barclay's shut down the Barclay Ring Master Card applications. The Ring has been on my mind for two years so I was able to slide in using another credit card site and got the 7 to 10 day pending notice where by I quickly called the back door telephone number to the credit analysts and went through the review and approval process to include security. Whew ... That was close with an approval on recon and the scores were in the 800's.

Title: Very Good Service
Date Reviewed: 2016-09-19 13:16:44 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I have had the NFL Extra Points Visa for about two years now. I have had great luck with it. I'm racking up the points to turn into NFL merchandise. I have not cashed in any yet because I am planning on using the points for Christmas gifts. I had a bogus charge once on my statement. I called the customer service people and they were super helpful. They credited the charge off my account without even waiting for the charge to be resolved. To me, that is great customer service.

Title: Great Balance Transfer Card
Date Reviewed: 2017-06-03 16:49:21 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I was approved for the Barclay Ring Mastercard, but not instantly. It was about 9:00 pm on Friday, April 7, 2017 when I applied and I was approved 8 hours later with a $20,000 credit line. My FICO score was 776. The approval email stated that I would receive my card in 7-10 days, but when it didn't come, I called. I was told that they ran out of materials to make the cards, but it was now on it's way, I received the card a couple of days later. While I was on the phone I had a representative do 2 balance transfers so that I didn't have to wait any longer, they took about 5 days to go through. Customer service was excellent, even being patient with me while I looked for my credit card number! The terms of the card are amazing, 0% interest on purchases for 15 months, then 13.74%. Balance transfers are 0% interest for 15 months, NO balance transfer fees. There are no rewards, but I don't mind because I just wanted the balance transfer, I'm not using it for purchases. The minimum payment is 1% of the current balance. The website is easy to navigate and gives you all the information and services you would want, including access to a free FICO score.

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