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Title: Boost CC Score.
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-26 08:37:45 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: The card only reports to one credit br at this point, But they say it will report to all 3 soon. The fees are a bit high. But I'm willing to deal with it until my score's gets into the 600's.

Title: Easy Approval
Date Reviewed: 2009-08-28 12:29:41 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Applied on line, instant approval,2000.00 limit, 39.00 Annual Fee... Fico..640

Title: Approved, But I Said NO!
Date Reviewed: 2009-09-01 14:30:13 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: As I posted Saturday on this card, I applied and was approved, we after calling customer service and speaking to a rep I had to pass on this card, it had a low limit of $300.00 with a $69.00 annual fee, screw that, I have worked way to hard to get my scores and limits up on other revolving lines, they can shove it, especially with a 644 Equifax score

Title: NO Credit Limit Increase EVER?
Date Reviewed: 2009-09-02 13:04:20 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I saw that this was an easy approval card so I decided to apply. I haven't got the card yet but I think that I am going to either sock drawer it or cancel it. They gave me a SMALL limit of $300, $69 AF with a 16.9% APR. I would keep the card because the APR isn't so bad (considering being post BK 1.5 years and current economic circumstances) but without a credit limit increase, EVER? Probably not going to keep it. Just got approved for a Cap1 the same week with WAY better terms. Good starter card for someone's 1st card or fresh out of BK. Scores about 600 across the board.

Date Reviewed: 2009-09-12 14:09:28 | Recommended?: No

Review: Please don't waste an inquiry on your credit file. I have several cards, Merrick Bank, Hooters, National City, Orchard Bank, and Capitol One. As well as Kay Jewelers. I don't believe that credit is really opening up. I am just going to pay my cards and charge very little to keep them open. I filed for bankruptsy and it was discharged 3 years ago.

Title: Do Not Waste Your Time
Date Reviewed: 2009-09-13 14:09:41 | Recommended?: No

Review: They claim to be friendly to people with past credit problems, but they are a bunch of liars... Do not waste your time with them or risk having another inquiry unless your in the 670's and up... Ive got a few baddies on my report, but they are all old, I have 6 open accounts with a year or more of excellent payment history... EQ 621... EX 561... TU 481... They pulled from EQ...

Title: Approved With A 686 Fico
Date Reviewed: 2009-09-18 09:54:21 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: First off, I applied with a 686 Fico score which is higher than the majority of people that are looking for this type of card. However, even with a high Fico score, I had a limited credit history. I have plenty of installment loans paid as agreed. However, I didn't have a credit card (revolving credit) in a number of years. By not having a credit card open, it not only lowers your score, but it is difficult to get approved for a revolving line of credit. I had to wait about two-three weeks before they approved me since I had a fraud alert reporting with the credit bureaus. I recently opened up a different credit card through HSBC. HSBC has a much better online service than Indigo as well as a lower interest rate. If you are looking for a credit card with poor credit, I would look at OrchardBankcom or first. They will pre-approve you by doing a soft inquiry online instantly. Soft inquiries do not affect your credit score. They will let you know everything upfront (interest rates, terms, conditions, and annual fee expected) before you actually apply. With Indigo, you have to apply with a hard inquiry which will afeect your credit and lower your score. Best of Luck to everyone!!! Remember to love each other the best you can. God loves you unconditionally!

Title: Approved!
Date Reviewed: 2009-11-12 18:04:21 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied for the card and was instantly approved online. I had to call in to receive the credit limit and the annual fee. Annual fee is $69 and credit limit is $300. I don't think this is bad if you are working to rebuild your credit.

Title: Better Than A Bank Account
Date Reviewed: 2009-11-14 17:32:54 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I have used this card for a little over two years now, and I believe them to be a great deal.  They have changed their price structure and raised the fees, however they grandfathered my account so I didn't even notice. The primary customer service number that is given goes to a company that appears to have no information other than what you can access online, but they will gladly give you the number to ReadyDebit. Once you get that number, the call is generally answered on the first ring by someone that not only can do anything you need done with the account, but WILL do it and follow up to make sure you are satisfied. There are NO fees to overdraw the account, I have done this two or three times with gas purchases and tipping at restaurants. Also, if you have a third party attempt a transaction and it is declined, there are no fees. You don't even see the attempt in the history. If you use the online bill pay and it doesn't go through for NSF, then they simply won't pay it, and there are no fees. As far as loading the account, they accept direct deposit plus you can make deposits with Green Dot MoneyPaks as well as Visa Link. I have direct deposit, and have never had a problem. Because I travel for a living, I love the fact I can go to almost any major store in the country and make a deposit in my account. Yes, there is a fee for it, but the funds are available in their entirety in less than two hours. That brings up another point. With tradtional banks, I have had many instances of transactions posting multiple times. This has not happened with ReadyDebit. They authorize a transaction, the funds stay pending until it clears or they give it a week or so to make sure it isn't going to clear. Also, while I haven't been low enough to notice if it is a fluke or how they do business, it appears they process transactions lowest amount first to allow the most things to go through. On the negative side now. I have had three occasions where they are updating their system late at night and I could not access my account. This was embarressing because the card will be declined and you call in and they have no access to your account. One of these occasions I was trying to get gas on a cross country trip and couldn't get gas or a hotel for the night. This was my single worst experience with the card.  Also, I have had ONE business in the country that declines the card due to it being prepaid. Other than that, it is accepted anywhere that takes Visa or ACH routing and account information. When I first got the card it was for the convenience of making deposits anywhere I go, and I felt a stigma with it being a prepaid card. Now, if anyone asks I am almost bragging about it. How many people have been hit with hundreds of dollars in NSF fees because of a small error? Or a direct deposit come in an hour after scheduled bills and rack up fees on both ends? I'll take my expected $5 a month, $2.25 for ATM withdraws and ACH debits over whatever amount or reasoning a "traditional bank" decides to hit me with.

Title: Dont Want A Good Paying Customer
Date Reviewed: 2009-11-29 17:56:06 | Recommended?: No

Review: I have had this card for a while now I never miss a payment and I keep my balance low by paying the majority off. Well I received a letter the other day telling me my account was being closed with no explanation or anything so I called them and was told they would send a letter out explaining why the account was closed there is no reason why my account should have been closed but I am thinking that this company is in major trouble there website has been down for over a month so do not try this card at all

Date Reviewed: 2010-05-07 10:24:30 | Recommended?: No

Review: Hi I just got off the phone from Indigo and was told that they DO NOT report our payment history to the credit reporting companies untill we have a 0 ballance. It is not reported monthly like the rewards 660 did. Now that they bought out rewards 660, they report it as a settlement untill it is payed in full, not a credit card report. Makes your credit look even worse than when we started to repair credit history. Now I know why I can't get a car loan now. I have paid faithfully, 3 times the monthly minimum, for 3 years now and my credit it worse than when I started because of this!!!

Title: Great For Someone With No Or Bad Credit
Date Reviewed: 2017-02-04 09:05:40 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: This type of prepaid card is perfect for someone who doesn't have good credit or they are just starting out because there is no credit check required. It's convenient and not affiliated with any banks so there aren't any overdraft fees. The downside is that there is an activation fee and other transaction fees which include- signature, PIN, In-Network and Out-of-Network, plus ATM fees. This card can be used to direct deposit your check or other credits to your account. There is, however, a $10,000 maximum balance on this card.

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