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Title: Quick....yet Being Cauious
Date Reviewed: 2011-02-18 19:52:20 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: This card is by invitation only... Received invite today... Called they approved it in seconds... Only use this card to enhance your credit avail... I have used cards like these to improve credit score... Rate was 29.9%... So I will put this in my drawer and pay only the monthly fees, I have used this method since my bk 2 years ago... And have raised my score over 120 points... This is my 5th cc... Other 4 cards have a higher cl... And 0% for 9 months, other cards are cap 1... Hsbc... Credit unions 2... Good luck Scores... TU 680... EX 631 and Eq 644...

Title: Very Good For Rebuilding Credit
Date Reviewed: 2012-01-16 09:27:07 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I received an invitation for this card back in 2007. I had struggled with credit issues for years and this card helped me rebuild. It was easy to get the card via their website, customer service is USA based and the reps have been great. I started with a cl of $350 and now am at $900. The APR is high, but it is well worth it for those rebuilding scores.

Title: Easy Pre-approval
Date Reviewed: 2012-02-20 23:55:34 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I got this card in November before a trip to Europe. I knew I would need a little extra spending power and First Savings CC came through just in time. They started me out with a $750 limit.

Title: Ok...
Date Reviewed: 2012-09-16 17:07:24 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I received a pre-approval letter and accepted it online. Card came pretty quick...about a week. It also reported to the CRA's pretty quick with the balance of the annual fee...I didn't really like that but it is what it is, I guess.. Initial limit is $500 with 29.9% APR and $75 annual fee. Not the greatest terms in the world but this will tide me over until my reports are completely clean next year and I could get the card I really want (a Citi or Discover). We'll see what happens.

Title: Not A Bad Card...
Date Reviewed: 2015-06-04 00:55:42 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I received this card through a mail invitation to apply. It is for rebuilding credit. The card is issued by First Savings Bank. They started me with a $350 limit, but the offer stated "up to $1500" but I had a feeling that was bull...anyway, I haven't had any problems with the card so far, I have had it since March 2015. Very good website to make payments, check balance, see transactions etc...Credit limit increases are offered, so it looks like it can grow for me after 6 months. APR is high at 29.99%, but there was no processing fee to get the card. $75 annual fee, but no monthly participation fees after year 1, so I was happy about that. It the first poor credit card I obtained without a processing fee or monthly fee, so I am confident my credit is improving. I use it frequently, and it doesn't seem to have a limit on payments you can. They have not held any my payments, available credit has updated the next day. I have been paying in full each month since that APR is so high. My first payment I made with my debit card, and there was a $3.95 fee for that. After that I have done them on the website out of checking account with zero issues. I am happy so far, and plan on keeping this one. I did have to verify my information after I applied, I had to send in my driver license and social security card, and the card took about a month to get to me. Not sure if they do that with all applicants, it could of been due to my name change after I got married...the card does not offer any type of rewards...hope this review helps someone out there.

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