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Title: Surprised
Date Reviewed: 2015-10-12 14:20:10 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Filed BK-13 in 2007 and finally after going so many years struggling starting to see some changes. Was approved for $4000

Title: Rebuilding Credit
Date Reviewed: 2015-05-10 17:03:20 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I was approved for $500 limit. Although I have to put first prove a 20% down payment it's worth it because it is helping me reestablish good credit

Title: Instant Approval 4k Limit
Date Reviewed: 2014-06-01 20:33:08 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Instant Approval for $4,000 Credit Score roughly 650

Title: Instantly Approved
Date Reviewed: 2012-08-23 14:55:18 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I have had this card for nearly over a year. I made small purchase, then I traded in and upgraded my wedding rings (which I love and find of great quality), I started out with a credit line of $1200, and under the first year I was automatically increased to $2200. This is a great card, and a great company. Like anything the faster you pay it off, the less interest. And as you are paying or balance down if you have had a long good pay history, they will lower your monthly payment due if needed. I have done that a few times, and then always sent more as I could but kept my minimum low as a precautionary.

Title: Declined
Date Reviewed: 2012-08-15 17:06:43 | Recommended?: No

Review: If working on building credit do not apply unless u have more tha a year of good payment history on other open accounts. I have 3 cards i have had a year n no balance on them, but they said they need a longer pay history.

Title: Not Approved - Unable To Verify Employment!?!?
Date Reviewed: 2012-08-06 04:06:52 | Recommended?: No

Review: Score 594. Have been using this site and another to build my score from 541 6 months ago. Have opened several lines of credit during this time to build it. Denied due to "Unable to Verify Employment". Not sure how this happened, but I have been gainfully employed for 2 years at the same company. I am thinking about trying again, maybe I type-o'ed? But I thought it would be a good way to increase my available limit, thus increasing my Score.

Title: Instantly Approved
Date Reviewed: 2011-11-27 19:14:25 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Already had a Jared Card with a 4K limit on it so I thought I would apply for a Kay and see what happens. I was instantly approved for the same line of credit as Jared 4K. My scores at the time I applied was TU 640 and EQ 632

Title: Cant Believe I Got Approved!
Date Reviewed: 2011-06-06 12:42:28 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I tried to get one about 7 yrs ago and was not approved.I have been an authorized user on my sister's card since she opened it around Dec 2008.They removed her 20% down but have not given her a increase.I applied online and got approved for $500 cL with 20% down.im not sure was is my cL.What is a good site for me to get my REAL fico Score? My score always be higher from places that charge $14.99 a month..then when i try to get a car or something..it doesnt be the same..it be way lower??confused??

Title: Approved - But
Date Reviewed: 2011-05-27 16:42:30 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I have a jared account and so I applied to Kay on line after reading reviews here. They told me they denied me online. I received a letter from them a week later stating I was denied because they needed to verify my social security and my address. I called the credit dept and they told me to go into the store with identification, and proceed from there. I went in today, and the sales lady called them and they approved me.

Title: Not Approved
Date Reviewed: 2011-05-04 15:28:59 | Recommended?: No

Review: Fico is 600 and did not get approved for this card. They pulled Equifax credit report.

Title: On The Ball
Date Reviewed: 2011-01-11 08:51:48 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I got this card after 3 months post bk discharge. The initial cl was $2000. I really love this card because I love jewelry and so does my family and friends. I have been using and paying ontime. I got my statement right before Christmas and realized that after 1 year of paying ontime, they rewarded me with a cli of $800. I really love this card!(I am careful with my usage. I have been very responsible)

Title: Also Approved
Date Reviewed: 2010-11-17 18:48:00 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Was approved for this card with a $5100.00 limit. Fico684

Title: Approved Online For $5100
Date Reviewed: 2010-09-26 06:26:39 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Wanted to help my credit to debt ratio and thought a jewelry card might help. After reading reviews of the Kay's card, I thought it might help, especially reading several people had gotten high credit limits. I went to the Kay's website and applied online and had a decision within a minute. Now I don't know if my cl is normal or because it is getting close to the holidays but they didn't let me down. This will almost double my overall credit limit. If you are looking to help your utilization, I say apply for it. BTW, I am not sure what my score is but on the 20th I applied for a car loan and TU was 652.

Title: Approved
Date Reviewed: 2010-09-12 02:51:54 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Applied for this card online and was instantly approved for $800. I haven't used this one yet but I plan on using it just to build my credit score and keep it open!

Title: Approve
Date Reviewed: 2010-09-11 20:33:59 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: My huband and I had seperate account totaling $2300.00 back in 04/2008 went to kays today and did a joint account and was approve for $7600.00 09/11/2010 donot know score since we applied for 4 credit card

Title: Instant Approval!
Date Reviewed: 2010-07-13 16:22:35 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I apped online, and was instantly approved for $1500. Not a big jewelry girl, but figure I can use it to help my utilization... Not sure who they apped but my cuurent score watch scores are EQ 633 and TU 660... I apped for Jared in January and was denied.

Title: Approved For $6500
Date Reviewed: 2010-07-10 17:08:00 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied earlier today online only to get "Thank you for applying for a Kay Jewelers Credit Account. We were unable to fully process your request for instant credit at this time. We will notify you via US mail of our decision regarding your request for a Kay Jewelers account within 20 business days." I end up going to the store and the salesperson said he could get an answer in less then 5 minutes. To my surprise I received an approval with a $6500 limit. I've been re-building my credit since January of this year. My current FICO is 663, up 100 points from last year. I want to say thanks to this forum for the knowledge to get me back on track.

Title: Unsure??
Date Reviewed: 2010-06-26 15:43:54 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied online yesterday and I don't see a pull from any of the 3 CB's. Not sure why?? The message I got was that I would get a notice within 20 business days. I really want to get approved as I am trying to re-build and the higher limit would be helpful. Anyone have any advice.

Title: Unable To Process Your Request .
Date Reviewed: 2010-03-07 11:12:05 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: "Thank you for applying for a Kay Jewelers Credit Account. We were unable to fully process your request for instant credit at this time. We will notify you via US mail of our decision regarding your request for a Kay Jewelers account within 20 business days." My scores are 590 595 and 611, tried then back in July of 2009 and was denied this also looks like it will be denied, I have 2 First Premier Bank cards, a Credit One Card, a Orchard Bank Card and a Fingerhut Card. I cant understand why Kay won't approve me.

Title: Opened W $3500
Date Reviewed: 2010-02-28 13:07:24 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: This was a pleasant surprise and boost to my credit. I had a 621 TU and got a $3500 credit line. Once it started reporting to the CRA's my credit jumped 40 points! By the way, I did buy something affordable which was important.

Title: Applied..... Error.
Date Reviewed: 2010-02-23 19:08:23 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied for this card, because I think I have e very good chance of being approved from others scores that were approved. I applied and got to the end, and after clicking submit, it said system error. Well after calling, I found out the error had to do with being able to verify my idenity. It happend to me with one other application too, my drivers license number doesn't show up appearantly. After verifying my idenity on the phone, was approved for a $500 line. I cannot seem to get approved for anything over a $750 limit. I really have no idea why that is either.

Title: Absolutely Blown Away
Date Reviewed: 2009-11-28 00:48:19 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Just got my bk chapter 13 discharge letter in the mail today, been looking at other members reviews, decided I didn't have anything to lose by applying for this card. To my shock and surprise I was approved for $2,000. My pre bk discharge scores are tu 660, exp 635 and equ. 599.

Title: Approved And Shocked
Date Reviewed: 2009-10-21 22:44:47 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I just call the number for kays and I spoke to josh I was afraid applying because I'm starting to build credit and don't have any revolving acct my FICO with equifaxs is 636 and I advice him that I have a collection acct from 8 months ago and to my surprised he said I was approved for 4,500 so I'm glad also I decided to apply with bestbuy and I was declined due to limited credit history so I called and speak to a superviser and said that she was going to over turned so I could be approved then she said to faxs my statement of my car for proof since it showed being disputed I adviced her it was a mistake from equifaxs then I faxs it and I call back and another superviser was denying myapplication so I escalated to ceo because the previous superviser said she was going to reconsider it so tommorrow I should be getting a response hopefully I get approved I will escalated till it gets approved what are my chances? But for kays I'm happy and I did it through phone so anyone interested call and just speak to a credi analyst before applying and they will let you know before if you tell them what your credi looks like. they pulled equifaxs

Title: Approved
Date Reviewed: 2009-09-02 13:22:42 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Applied a few weeks ago for $1,500 credit line, surprized! I just bought a nice pair of gold earrings ($130) and will pay them off quickly to keep this trade line open. I am post BK 1.5 years now so I am happy to get good trade lines. I had Crown Jewelers with $2,500 credit line (downpayments) then dropped to $500 and stop reporting on credit report so I canceled it. Scores are low 600's across the board.

Title: Approved
Date Reviewed: 2009-06-30 16:29:28 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I was approved today for a 880 CL. I had to go into the store because they were unable to verify my identity online due to a fraud alert on my credit file(that I know I requested to have removed). I thought I may get a higher limit. For the most part I am ok with it. I was wondering how often do they give credit limit increases. I have low limits of 300 on my other cards. This will be the highest besides Crown Jewelers which is suspect being that they only report to TransUnion. I am trying to rebuild and I heard and read from other reviews this was a great card to have. I love their jewelry better than Crown's because theirs look so cheap :). Does anyone know any other good credit rebuild cards. I have 2 First Premier Cards and 1 Orchard bank card. Good Luck to those who apply, I think they are worth the hard pull on the credit file. TU 648 EQ 654 and EXP (per Kay) 635... I was glad that the Kay rep was able to give me my EXP score.

Title: Approved
Date Reviewed: 2009-05-09 20:35:24 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Ok Applied on 5/1/2009 did not get an instant approval: received letter stating that they needed to varify my husbands employment. So I posted on antother review that application was pending; well Meya read my comments and told me to call... So my husband did this afternoon... They told him to go inside one of the stores and show his most recent pay-stub and the letter we did... So he was approved with a credit line of $4500.00. U ROCK Meya!!! Also they did not pull his credit again. TU 648 EQ 647 EX? Oh yeah we only spent $600.00 he bought me a pair of earrings and a cross necklace for my birthday:-) Did I mention Meya ROCKS!!!

Title: Accepted For Kay's Card
Date Reviewed: 2009-02-12 11:56:48 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I was approved for $5,000. Instant on-line decision & amount. My I was denied the first time I applied with score in the 620's do to a delinquet student loan. My scores much higher this time, low 700's.

Title: Instant Approval!
Date Reviewed: 2008-12-18 14:56:14 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied for this card and was approved on the spot! Credit Limit is 1500.00 no idea what the rate is, and my Equifax score at the time of approval is 532! They state in the application that Equifax was used at the time of approval! I applied for this card twice and was denied each time, now the third time was the charm! Thanks for all the help on here guys! Meya you have been great too! Happy Holidays guys!

Title: Approved!
Date Reviewed: 2008-11-04 16:13:52 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: This is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, my very last credit card application. After reading all the positive reviews about Kay Jewelers, I just had to try. They approved me for 5K which I was happy about. They have a very nice selection of jewelry and I live close to one of their stores (anybody picking up on the justification here?). BUT this is the last one (cross my heart!).

Title: Very Good Company
Date Reviewed: 2008-10-28 16:36:21 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: They use transunion and experian more than equifax which was a bonus for me because it takes equifax forever to correct info (like 6 weeks) my experian is 690 my transunion is 669 my equifax is 606 but will be updated... I was approved for the account with an initial credit line of $3300.00 they repot to all burea's as well... Customer service has been top notch!

Title: 2 Cards The Same Day
Date Reviewed: 2008-10-14 22:21:56 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I was reading all the reviews on the kay jewelers card, and I applied and was approved for 3000. And then I applied with jared and was approved for 3000 also... Same bank... They pulled from equifax and my FICO was 660.

Title: Approved - CL $3,000
Date Reviewed: 2008-10-12 13:40:20 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I was just approved with an initial CL of $3,000. I don't really need this card, but I wanted to help out my utilization, so I crossed my fingers and applied. Not sure what report they pulled from, but I'm pretty much between 630 and 650 across the board.

Title: They Love Me!
Date Reviewed: 2008-10-04 13:18:26 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Went to the mall yesterday and seen a beautiful necklace that I just had to get. It felt so good knowing that I would be approved (especially after reviewing members cc reviews for Kay's) so I stepped up with pride and filled out an application. Within 5 minutes I was told that I was... NO NO NO, let me back this up, I was told, "Are you sure you only want the necklace?" OH yes sweetheart, this is all I want, then I was told that I was approved for $5,000. I tired so hard to hide my emotions, but I had to let it out. Not for sure of the APR, but I do believe it will be 22%. Yaahhhoooo! My necklace was $600 and I plan to pay it off in 3 months and not use the card as much. Their customer service was outstanding and I do plan to return to the the store in the near future with an appointment for the Leo diamonds. They caught my eye with the sparkles and texture. Let me not go to deep, my scores at the time was 650-682 and I am not for sure which CB they pulled from. I am going to select EXP since a lot of individuals say that is where they pulled from. If I am wrong, I will update it in the comment area. My Exp has no baddies and mid utilization, Tu and EQ has one baddie left. So far so good guys, go into the store if you want the card.

Title: Approved
Date Reviewed: 2008-09-10 18:10:16 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I have a question, I just applied for the kay card since reading all the reviews about the approvals. So I got approved for 4000.00 limit, but does anyone know if they report to the cb?

Title: Did Hard Aft Approval
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-21 13:01:08 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I have had the card since April with cl of $4,500. Have made 3 purchases. Totaling approx $1000.00 and have a current bal of $200.00. Have noticed no inqs soft or hard since original when getting approved for the card. Today I made an online purchase of less than $300.00 and when I checked cct I saw a hard inq from Sterling jewellers. I have made online purchases from their website before and no inq... I would not mind a soft inq but am a little peturbed to get a hard for such a small purchase... I really don't know why a soft inq would not be sufficent... Anyway... All is ok... Credit limit still $4,500 but I now have one more inq on by experian report:( all in all I like the card and have been pleased with my purchases... But for any who are inq sensitive be aware..

Title: In Store Approval
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-15 17:52:13 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Ok got approved with a cl of 800... A friend of mine works at this store and so I went in store and applied... My scores... Range is 635-650 oh and on ex I have ONE OLD about to fall off deliqu. Account which I paid off but is still on there :-(

Title: Approved....
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-13 22:26:31 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Ok, so I could have done without the inquiry on my report, since I am currently trying to get approved for an fha mortgage, but I couldn't control myself. Went online, applied, said to check back within the hour. Waited 2 hours, went online and said I was approved for 1500 cl. Don't know about about interest, but they pulled from experian which was a 598. Hope this helps!!!

Date Reviewed: 2008-08-13 09:14:05 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Okay your'e right Meya, here I go again... But this is the first in 3 months ( I think). I am on a roll with slowing down. But 620 EQ with 800cl. Can't complain. Wasn't instantly approved, they do a fraud screening like your applying for job within the CIA.

Title: Approved Too
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-11 23:21:55 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I wasn't going to apply but I need a card that will help my credit and I saw it here I applied... Walla Approved for $2000 credit line don't know yet the Apr. No Annual fee. Thanks Bieanciapoo and Davis06 This card wont be use that much since I don't have much store card I need to add some Target and KayJewelers is fine. Thank you to all, Alex

Title: Approved On The Spot!!!
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-11 08:26:38 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I read Davis06 review and decided to apply. Well, I did just that and was approved for $1500.00 immediately. My credit score is now 621 with Transunion. This will also help with my utilization.

Title: Fairly Easy Approval
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-09 14:36:44 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Decided to get this card to help with utilization. Pulled Equifax which was only 581 (due to 70% utilization on other cards and everyone knows that is a no-no but I had recent medical bills.) They gave me $1500. I'm not that into jewelry so I won't have any issues racking up any debt on this bad boy!

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