The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN Reviews

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The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

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Title: Good Card
Date Reviewed: 2007-09-19 23:57:57 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Had this card awhile opens doors to other AMEX card I have 3 now

Title: Approved
Date Reviewed: 2007-09-08 02:13:56 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I was approved for this account. I already have one account with AXP and have had great experiences. I was nervous an actually did not think they would give me this one, but I guess I my score is better than I thought.

Title: Finance Globe Review Not Accurate!
Date Reviewed: 2007-08-14 11:47:46 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: The review from this WebSite (Finance Globe) is NOT ACCURATE! I applied and got a pending, then instant approval for the Business Gold Card. My FICO score with Equifax is 700, Experian is 686, and TransUnion is 653. So that's a middle score of 679. Another factor that may have helped my approval for the Gold Card is that I have routinely carried high balances on existing Visa and MasterCard accounts and always paid them off within 1-3 months from the initial high balance date. In my opinion, I do have stellar credit and don't understand why my FICO score isn't any higher but it is what it is. I have very low balances if any on all revolving credit cards for the last several months now. Anyway, I applied for the Amex One Card first with an instant approval, then immediately applied for the Amex Business Gold Rewards Card. My Gold Card application was not approved instantly however, was pending. I was instructed by the Amex Website to call their 800 # and speak with an Amex agent directly after I completed my online application. The Amex agent simply asked me what my company name was (And yes, I stated my company name in the online application) and when I verified that information, she approved it with no other questions asked. Thanks Amex!!!

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