Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards are a common choice among consumers with poor or no credit. While these offers don't have the same features and benefits as unsecured credit cards, they can provide an alternative to build or establish credit.

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First PREMIER® Bank Secured Credit Card
Directly with First PREMIER® Bank


First PREMIER® Bank Secured Credit Card

  • Only you can rebuild your credit. A First PREMIER Bank Credit Card can be one tool to help in your journey. Make your payments on time each month, and keep your balance low relative to the credit limit, for positive marks on your credit report each month.
  • 24-hour online access, set up account alerts, and schedule automatic payments!
  • Quarterly FICO score on your monthly billing statement.
  • Zero fraud liability protects you from unauthorized charges. Restrictions apply.
  • Security Deposits are placed in an FDIC-insured account
  • If approved, fund your Security Deposit to open your account.  Once open, you will have the opportunity to build your credit limit up to $5,000.
  • If approved, your First PREMIER Bank credit card account is reported to the Consumer Reporting Agencies each month.
  • Application response in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Issuing credit cards since 1989.
  • Join millions of First PREMIER Bank credit cardholders.  Apply now!

Credit Needed:
Poor, AverageCreditWeb considers people with a credit score below 600 to have poor credit. 2

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With a secured credit card, you're required to provide a cash collateral deposit that acts as your credit line. As long as you pay your bill on time, this approach may help you establish credit. Although secured credit cards require collateral, these offers still provide benefits such as:

A secured credit card is one tool that can help you build or rebuild your credit. A few steps for rebuilding your credit are: apply for a manageable credit limit credit card, avoid missed payments to your creditors and establish diverse credit. You can learn more and apply for a variety of secured offers online.
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