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FamZoo Debit Mastercard
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FamZoo Debit Mastercard

FamZoo prepaid cards are a uniquely affordable, convenient, and educational MasterCard® reloadable card offering designed specifically for families.

  • No risk of debt, overdraft, or hidden fees
  • Free card load and ATM options
  • Order immediately online with no credit check
  • Empower kids of all ages
  • Retain parental visibility and control
  • Move money instantly between family members
  • Automatically track purchases
  • Available to eligible U.S. families

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Our Opinion
As a parent, one of the most important lessons you can teach your children is how to manage money. With the rise of virtual banking and cashless transactions, it's becoming increasingly important to educate kids on financial responsibility. That's where FamZoo comes in.

What is FamZoo?
FamZoo is a virtual banking platform that offers a prepaid debit card for kids and teens. It was founded in 2006 by Bill Dwight, a father of five who wanted to teach his children about money management in a modern and practical way.

The platform allows parents to set up virtual family banks, where they can allocate funds to their children's prepaid debit cards. Parents can also set up automatic allowances, chores, and penalties to teach their kids about earning and managing money.

How Does FamZoo Work?
To get started with FamZoo, parents need to sign up for an account and order a prepaid debit card for each child. The cards are linked to the parent's account, and they can load funds onto the cards at any time.

Parents can then set up automatic allowances, chores, and penalties for their children. These can be customized to fit each child's age and financial goals. For example, younger children may receive a weekly allowance for completing simple chores, while older children may have a monthly allowance and be responsible for managing their own expenses.

The FamZoo debit card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including online and in-store purchases. Parents can also set spending limits and restrictions on where the card can be used, giving them control over their child's spending.

Teaching Financial Responsibility with FamZoo
FamZoo's debit Mastercard is more than just a prepaid card for kids. It's a powerful tool for teaching financial responsibility and preparing children for the real world.

Hands-On Learning
One of the best ways to learn is through hands-on experience. With FamZoo, children can have their own debit card and manage their own money, giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility. They can track their spending, set savings goals, and learn the consequences of overspending.

Real-World Experience
FamZoo's debit Mastercard is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted, giving children a real-world experience of using a debit card. They can learn how to make purchases, track their spending, and even withdraw cash from an ATM.

Budgeting and Saving
FamZoo's platform allows parents to set up automatic allowances for their children, teaching them the importance of budgeting and saving. Children can also set savings goals and track their progress, learning the value of delayed gratification and the benefits of saving for the future.

Financial Literacy
FamZoo offers a variety of resources to help children learn about financial literacy. They have a blog with articles on topics such as budgeting, saving, and investing. They also offer a financial literacy course for kids and teens, covering topics such as budgeting, credit, and investing.

Benefits of Using FamZoo
There are many benefits to using FamZoo's debit Mastercard to teach your children about money management.

Teaching your children about money management is an essential life skill. With the rise of virtual banking and cashless transactions, it's becoming increasingly important to educate kids on financial responsibility. FamZoo's debit Mastercard offers a convenient, and cost-effective way to teach your children about money management. With hands-on learning, real-world experience, and resources for financial literacy, FamZoo is the perfect tool for preparing your children for a financially responsible future.

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