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Rewards Cards

  • Earn up to 2X reward points or miles with your everyday spending
  • Use rewards towards free flights, hotel nights, merchandise, cash back or gift cards
  • Earn lucrative sign-up bonuses after initial spending thresholds are met
  • Enjoy terms and features like no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee and free credit scores
  • Terms vary by partner offer. Please see each bank's application for terms and conditions.
  • Clicking Apply Now will take you to to compare Rewards Credit Cards from participating partners

Credit Needed:
Excellent, GoodCreditWeb considers people with a credit score higher than 740 to have excellent credit. A credit score between 700 and 739 is considered good credit. 2

Choose from various types of reward programs. Compare travel, cash back, airline points, flexible rewards and more. Good to excellent credit recommended for a better chance of approval.

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