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With Chase Slate Edge℠, your credit journey gets a boost from day one. From impressive APR offers to user-friendly tools, it's designed to make credit management both rewarding and intuitive.

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Key Features

Get Started With a Low Intro APR

Begin your journey with an enticing 0% intro APR for the first 18 months on both purchases and balance transfers. Once the period concludes, a variable APR (see offer terms for updated pricing) applies to balance transfers and purchases.

Annual APR Reduction

Consistently pay on time and spend at least $1,000 by your next account anniversary, and you'll qualify for an APR reduction of 2%. This continues until your APR matches the Prime Rate plus 9.74%. Your final reduction could be slightly lower based on the APR you're initially offered.

Welcome Offer

Earn a one-time automatic review for a higher credit limit after on-time payments and spending $500 in your initial six months.

No Hidden Costs

Benefit from transparency at its best with no hidden costs and no annual fee.

Monitor Your Credit With Confidence

With Chase Credit Journey, stay updated on your credit status. Enjoy complimentary access to your most recent credit score, instant alerts, and much more.

Dynamic Financial Tools at Your Fingertips

Mastering your finances is now simpler and smarter.

FAQs About the Chase Slate Edge℠

What standout benefits does Chase Slate Edge℠ offer?

How does the APR reduction feature work?
You'll automatically qualify for a potential APR drop of 2% each year by adhering to payment deadlines and spending a minimum of $1,000 by each account anniversary.

Is the Chase Slate Edge℠ card eligible for My Chase Plan?
Yes it is. My Chase Plan enables Chase Slate Edge℠ members to establish equal monthly payouts for purchases of $100 or above. This comes with no interest, just a fixed monthly fee.

Does the initial $500 expenses contribute towards both credit limit enhancement and the APR reduction?
Yes, the initial $500 applies to both the credit limit review and the potential for a lower APR after a year.

Can I utilize the Chase Slate Edge℠ for balance transfers?
It's a smart money move to transfer balances from higher-rate cards to your Chase Slate Edge℠. This can save you on interest in the long run.

With the Chase Slate Edge℠, you can step into a world of credit card benefits like never before.

Final Thoughts

The Chase Slate Edge℠ is a compelling credit card offer with a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 18 months, no annual fee and the benefits of being a Chase cardholder.

Apply today to enjoy these benefits with the Chase Slate Edge℠.

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