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Title: APPROVED!!!!!
Date Reviewed: 2013-01-03 17:28:18 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I've been wanting to apply for the card for over a month now but hesitant to do so. I read so many reviews for input and decided to just go for it. When I submitted the app it immediately returned a response that the appl is under review. So I called spk to a rep he approved the card instantly over the phone. I was so shocked my credit score with experian was 720 no collections, 2 new store cards and a new visa. Also, they rushed the card overnight UPS to me. Can't wait to enjoy it!

Title: Approved At 18
Date Reviewed: 2012-08-07 20:15:57 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied for a delta gold credit card and got approved for a $2000 limit. I felt that the application process was easy and that I might as well try for a charge card so I decided to apply for the zync card as I heard thats the easiest to get approved for. I got approved instantly. I hated this because I wished I applied for the platinum because for some reason its been my dream card for a little while. I applied for the platinum thinking I would never be able to get it as I have only had credit for about 6 months since I am only 18. I applied and was approved. I was shocked by the $450 annual fee but I travel about once or twice annually and hope to get the benefits that come with the card which will hopefully outweigh that tremendous fee. If not, ill close the account next year. Im happy that I was approved for this card but am wondering if this card is normally this easy to get because I was aware that excellent credit is required and although I believe Ive managed my credit very well I dont believe its excellent as of yet, solely because of the length of my credit history. I keep my credit balances very low, usually at zero but use the cards I have fairly well. My Experian score is about 746 which dropped 5 points due to the inquiry.

Title: Thanks To Finance Globe, My Dream Came True!
Date Reviewed: 2011-07-03 08:10:08 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Over 7 years ago, I discovered this amazing website. I had just finished college and my credit score was in the mid 500's. I have worked very hard to bring my debt down and educate myself on credit by reading and learning from all you amazing people who volunteer your information to help others. I wouldn't be financially where I am if it wasn't for this website. Today my Fico's are almost 800 in TR, EQ, EX and last night I applied for my dream card, Amex Platinum and got instantly Approved!!! Thank you Finance Globe and all of you for, your post and reviews! - Sincerely, R.E.

Title: Received The Card Today
Date Reviewed: 2010-08-23 20:44:41 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied for the card about a week ago and today I received the card in a very special package.

Title: Ok Not What It Used To Be
Date Reviewed: 2010-08-12 06:09:55 | Recommended?: No

Review: Thinking about closing this card soon, and downgrading to Green card, basically same rewards, and a waste of 450 that AMEX will not waive. Internal CL is unpredictable PMS like... Oh well Dont app

Title: Approved Instant Online
Date Reviewed: 2010-07-03 21:59:03 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Have one Amex now, the Hilton rewards. Added the Platinum for the perks that after verifying will easily pay back the high cost for myself and 2 AU's added. Card arrived 4 days later, rep was helpful getting the hotel upgrades and car rental upgrades done online. I asked rep to check the limit for the card which they can check and was told that due to existing payment history with Amex now that no limit would be set until 6 months spending cycles and it would be based on usage patterns. Score pulled by Amex was a hard inquiry on Ex. Score unknown but EX fako was 728 when they pulled.

Title: Annual Fee
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-15 01:49:06 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Hello R U fortunate to pay the annual fee. In 1 month, I got both the Black card (LA and NY version) and the Plum card. A couple months later - the black cards wer discontinued and will be replaced by the Blue card. I applied online todat 4 the Optim Plat card w/ $5K. I used to have the ONE CARD where I got $100 cash over two years... AM not bad

Title: Amex
Date Reviewed: 2008-08-01 12:39:20 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Well I called up AMEX to see if I can get AMEX plat card they approved card. I am happy with AMEX now I have 4 AMEX card all approved in july when I ask AMEX do they need to pull other credit report? New acc told me no cuz they pull my credit report this moth also thanks AMEX for not pulling a hard inquiry. And I had my card in my hand the next business day.

Title: AMEX Centurion Is Just Crazy!
Date Reviewed: 2008-07-17 19:59:16 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: My brother has this card for years now.. I never really bothered to check the application and requirements before for the card since I'm not into American Express.. Iin my eyes, the green, gold, gray or the black one means the same.. It's a charge card! PERIOD. But when he told me last night, during dinner... That not everyone can get the 'black' AMEX.. I said REALLY? How come? He explained to me the EXCLUSIVITY of this card.. The Centurion Card, popularly known as the Black Card, is a charge card issued by American Express. The Centurion Card provides access to a range of exclusive privileges. To become a card holder, one is required to pay an annual fee and meet other criteria. As of 2007, the annual fee in the United States was $2,500, with a one-time $5,000 initiation fee for the first year. The card, available for both personal and business use, offers numerous exclusive privileges including a dedicated concierge and travel agent, complimentary companion airline tickets on international flights on selected airlines with the purchase of a full fare ticket, personal shoppers at retailers such as Escada, Gucci, and Neiman Marcus, access to airport clubs, first class flight upgrades, membership in Sony's Cierge personal shopping program, and dozens of other elite club memberships. Hotel benefits include one free night when at least one paid night is booked during the same stay in every Mandarin Oriental hotel worldwide once a year (except for the New York City proper], one free night at one LXR Luxury Resorts hotel, once per year, and privileges at hotel chains like Ritz-Carlton, Leading Hotels of the World, and Amanresorts. All of the benefits mentioned above are for United States-issued cards. American Express Centurion cards issued in other countries may include different benefits. The card has recently added new amenities, including access into the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold, as well as US Airways Platinum Preferred status as of June 1, 2007. As of August 14, 2007, American Airlines Admirals Club access was added to the long list of amenities Additionally, as a token of American Express's appreciation (and in light of the recent membership fee increase), some primary cardholders received a Canon PowerShot SD850 digital camera, beginning in late November/early December 2007. A note from Kenneth Chenault, CEO and Chairman of American Express, was included inside the characteristic black box with a liner captioned "what do you want to capture." Other gifts to cardmembers have included a $2000 Judith Ripka gift card, a $1000 Van Cleef & Arpels gift card (and Reflections of Eternity book), tote bags, Gucci gift card, etc. So what do you think?

Title: Spouse Got Approved For Amex Plat
Date Reviewed: 2008-06-25 09:21:33 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Spouse has had a green Amex from 2001. He was pre-approved for the Blue Clear about 2.5yrs ago for $5k, they increased it to $9k last year. He was pre-Approved for Gold card late last year-it appeared on line when managing his other card. For the last 5mths, Amex has been sending him personal invites for the Platinum. Finally, after receiving the 5th pre-approval letter which just required a social, dob and signature, he went on line today to pay his clear bill when he saw the pop up that he had been approved for the Amex Platinum. He clicked and accepted and after putting in more info that was required than on the mail in pre-approval i. E home/work#, dob, social#, he was approved. I can tell you that his WAMU PFICO is 687. He has a mortgage and a line of credit. All of his cars has been paid off. His utilization rate for his other cards are probably around 30% or less. He is not a charger. The perks are the following: - Free companion airline ticket up to $299 4xs a year from 6 major airlines - Admission for self, spouse and kids under 21 or 2 friends at AA Admirals club, or Delta Crown Room club or NW Airlines Worldclubs - Personalized travel service from platinum Travel Service - Preferential treatment at Fine Hotels and Resorts throughout the world i. E complimentary services such as a room upgrade upon check in, daily continental breakfast for two each day of stay, guaranteed 4pm late check out, also receive an additional amenity which varies by property such as a food and beverage credit, a round of golf or a afternoon tea for two - Exclusive privileges aboard world-class cruise lines such as sail for 6days or longer with one of our cruise line partners and enjoy a complimentary Cruise Privileges Program benefits i. E including a $300 per stateroom shipboard credit or a two category upgrade plus other special amenities on 8 participating cruise lines. - Complimentary membership in 3 premier car rental programs comp. Enrollment in the expedited services of 3 premium car rental partners: Avis, Hertz, National, receive special courtesies such as express services and upgrades based on availability - Travel security - Premium Global Assist Hotline to provide medical, legal, financial or other emergency assist., ie. E Visa/passport help, cash access, Travel Accident Insurance up to $500k in AD&D insurance when entire fare charged to the card - Refined Rewards. Enrollment in award winning rewards program Retail benefits with Neiman Marcus Incircle Program, Bergdorf Goodman Incircle Program - Concierge Service to book conference room, deliver gift, locating a rare fine etc Reservations at top restaurants - Platinum Dining Reservations Program - Exclusive access to once in a lifetime experiences We haven't received the card yet but will update once received. We opted not to get a companion card for me as it would cost another $175 fees and we think that $450 is high enough although we figure if you travel at least 2-3xs a year, t he card will pay for itself. It seems that one must have a pre-existing relationship with AMEX, have their other cards and have a FICO over 675 at least.

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