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Title: Finally Got An AMEX!
Date Reviewed: 2017-11-01 18:06:00 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Finally applied for and was approved for the Blue Cash Everyday card. My scores were in the 720's and I wasn't sure if I would get approved because of a little mishap that reported on my credit, but I was instantly approved for a credit limit of $2,000, with an APR of 16.99. I didn't think to call and ask for a higher credit limit until after I received the card. I actually applied for a CLI online and called customer service when it wasn't approved, but apparently you must have your card for at least 60 days before you can apply for a CLI. For now, I only plan on using it for groceries, so the credit limit suites me fine, but maybe later I can ask for more. I did receive 18 months no interest and $150 cash back if I spend $3,000 within 3 months, so that shouldn't be a problem. So far, customer service has been good. I called to have my due date changed, as I like to keep all my due dates around the same time which helps with my budgeting. I didn't see any rewards on my first statement though so I asked the rep when I was having my due date changed about earning rewards and she did confirm that rewards are earned in a one month delay, so I won't see how much I've earned on my first month until my second statement. American Express is also supposed to be rolling out a new program in which you have the option to pay for large purchases over a period of time, rather than paying interest, you pay a monthly fee which is much lower than your interest rate, and you agree to pay for large purchases over a period of time, but right now I think it's only available to those who had an existing card, and new card holders would have this option available starting 2018, so we'll see. The card itself is clear, by the way, not silver as I presumed which does make it seem cool but my guess is I am more likely to misplace it. Overall, I'm very happy with it so far!

Title: Rewards Aren't Adding Up
Date Reviewed: 2017-09-05 15:28:59 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: The initial offer encouraged me to apply, but now I'm less than impressed. I primarily got it to use at grocery stores since it's the highest return, and figured with the slow add up of cash back it'd cover a trip or two a year. Nothing major, but a little something. The rewards weren't quite adding up. Come to find out, the local stores available in my area don't count so I've been earning the measly 1%.

Title: 3rd Card From Amex
Date Reviewed: 2016-07-02 18:41:01 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Was paying my bill for my amex everyday and got a pop up to apply for this card. Approved for 9K instantly, which is the same as my amex everyday? Wonder why that was. Also have amex sync card which i never use anymore. Recently had fradulent purchases on my amex card and they took care of it right away. Customer service A++. Love the cash back rewards program and the ability to request an immediate CLI online.

Title: Blue Cash Everyday
Date Reviewed: 2014-04-03 10:31:27 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I am so glad I was approved! I was looking to transfer a $1,000 balance from another credit card that wasn't willing to reduce my interest rate. I'm not sure what my credit limit is yet, but it's at least $1027. I'm more than a little shocked that I was approved. Ficos as of today are TU 688 EQ 685 and EX 690. Annual income $20,000. No negatives, usage of about 40%, credit history varies from 5 to 15 years. Showing 20-21 accounts on each bureau. Two installment loans (one closed, one current, oldest one opened 2011) 1-2 inquiries on each bureau. It seems they pulled Experian (I'm in Ohio), which has a 15 year history

Title: Instantly Approved!
Date Reviewed: 2013-12-13 22:08:54 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Its heating up during this chilly winter! Was just approved for this card, limit is $12,000 with 0% APR for 15 months! I will be closing my AMEX Zync card as I now have the "DREAM" card that I always wanted! APR after promotional 0% is 18.99%! They pulled Experian with a score of 730 according to my mortgage broker! Now its time to cool back down and garden in my new home! ;)

Title: Approved
Date Reviewed: 2013-01-25 17:54:55 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I have several inquiries and 1 baddie, however, my FICO is 781 and my overall credit card utilization is around 2%. I am excited to finally have an AMEX.

Title: Go For It I Did!
Date Reviewed: 2012-07-08 13:31:35 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Credit score was really bad as recently as december 2010(525) but started working on getting with bad credit cards with high rates and checking my credit report. Paid my credit card bills on time along with all other bills and continued to apply for retail and other credit cards(walmart,capital one,merrick bank ect...). Accumulated about 6 different cards and disputed all old accts on my credit report and paid off all others and was able to get my credit score to 711 by paying my credit card balances down to 10% an idea that was referred to me by a quicken loans representative and it worked. Was skeptical about applying for amex blue cash because of recent apps to discover which was approved but decided to go for it. Applied and received 10-14 review message but followed instructions of the users of this site and checked the status of my app and was approved. Kinda shocked especially since I read that others had been declined with higher scores . Excited! Will wait on my welcome package to see what my limit is. Good luck to all!

Date Reviewed: 2012-02-29 13:22:07 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Felt like applying for this card so i go to their web site and apply. I insert all my info waited some seconds and BAM! Sorry you have been denied. Wasn't expectiong to be approved since I do have some inquiries but the reason was because of my credit utilization and also because of my credit score my experian score it is only 715. Oh well I will not apply for this card anymore maybe in 4 years. Its rewards are very nice. My friend has it and she says its a credit card you will want to have in your wallet.

Title: Surprise! Declined
Date Reviewed: 2012-02-29 11:19:56 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I received many offers from American Express for gold, green, platinium, and zync cards. Then I decided to apply for the Blue Cash, since it matches my desires more than the other options from Amex. But surprisingly declined with a FICO score of 726, this is supposed to be a very good score indeed, so I couldn't understand what they are exactly looking for :S Maybe the lenght of the history?...

Title: Denied
Date Reviewed: 2012-02-18 11:42:38 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I applied for this card on 2/16 and was instantly denied due to too many recent inquiries. They pulled experian and my fico score was 729 at time of application. I applied for this card back in june of 2011 and was also denied. Im pretty much ready to give up applying with american express

Date Reviewed: 2011-12-16 20:17:36 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I called and closed my amex green to avoid annual fee. and after few minutes i applied amex blue cash online and received 14 days notice. few minutes later i checked the status application and i was APPROVED!!!!. called right way and asked credit limit the lady that i spoked to told me its $2,000. no annual fee 17%

Title: Approved
Date Reviewed: 2011-07-16 18:55:07 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I am new to this site and this is my story... I had my eye on this card for some time. I have always PIF on my other 2 cards almost every month for years. Then I went to the amex website the other night and applied. I got the message that they will send me my response in 7-10 days. Weird but true. 2 minutes later I went to the check app status on their site and entered my social and zip code..Then I saw the word "Approved" in the middle of the page. Im so excited to be a part of amex.. I haven't received my welcome packet yet and I don't know the cl. Im looking forward to 2% cash back on gas.. I will keep everyone informed . EQ: 766 (fico) TU:760 (fico) EX:767 (plus) no baddies or negs..19 years of credit history

Title: Decided To Go For It After Several Offers!!
Date Reviewed: 2011-07-01 00:56:20 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Hi all. I have received several offers from AMEX over the course of two years or so. I have never been fond of them. After receiveing offers, to include, AMEX Classic, Gold, Blue Sky, Blue Cash, etc. I've always shredded them all, deciding I wouldn't ever apply with them. Well, this month I received an offer from them for the above mentioned "YES" Blue Cash Everyday (SM) Card. I looked over the offer SEVERAL days before taking the hit, thinking! ( is it worth it?). Especially, having my thoughts in the way they conduct business and reading through forums. So here goes. I applied on 06/26, it originally stated an error message " Application was unable to be processed within 60 seconds, blah, blah, blah. Oh well, shortly thereafter, I received an email from AMEX stating "Your card application has been approved". I shall recieve my card within 7-10 business days. Membership/card info arrived today 06/30. Below are the card membership details as follows: Blue Cash Everyday (SM) Card. 0% introductory APR for 12/months then standard rate APR of 17.24% applies Credit Line: $10,000 Annual Fee: None No rotating and signing up for categories (fixed): *Earn 3% cash back at supermarkets *Earn 2% cash back at gas stations and department stores *Earn 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases I have yet to activate this card. My thoughts of AMEX are of course, uncertainty. But I am optimistic and slightly overwelmed with the initial approval. I'll use my own personal experience and sound judgment before making any accusations. Afterall, this is a darn good card in comparison to Discover more. I'll definitely give it a shot. Scores: TU -809 EX -825 (AMEX PULLED) EQ -802

Title: My First AmEx
Date Reviewed: 2011-06-07 11:36:47 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I've been getting offers in the mail for several kinds of AmEx cards like Zync, Blue Sky, Blue, Gold since last year. I was always tempted to give in and apply, but the Rewards just doesn't feel right. Until I received this offer in the mail - Blue Cash Everyday. Read through the offer for a couple of days, and I thought it might be worth an inquiry and hard pull on my credit report. But also, I've been reading through the forums and it seems AmEx approves for people with excellent and long credit history. My oldest credit card is 2 yrs 10 mos. But I've always wanted to have an AmEx, I don't know why. I have 5 other credit cards, I always pay in full monthly, never had a late payment, and 1 car loan that I'm still paying off. So I went online and entered the invitation code in AmEx's website on June 1. Filled out the standard credit app form - name, address, occupation, salary, etc. Instant decision of approved, but didn't show the credit limit online. Waited for the Welcome Packet in the mail, received it yesterday June 6. Here are the details: $4000 credit limit, 0% APR for purchases until June 2012, 17.24% thereafter. 17.24% for Balance Transfers. Cash Advance Limit: $800. No annual fee. Unlimited Cash Back: 3% - supermarkets; 2% - gas stations & department stores; 1% - everything else. Activated my card online, very easy and fast. Was asked to create an online account. Online Management is easy to understand. It says your credit limit, purchases, points, rewards, etc. A lot more benefits to be discovered on their website, FAQs, and rewards. I didn't see any button for CLI request yet, not sure if one will appear in the future as I use this card. Review on the aesthetic appeal of the card: It's a clear plastic card, with a blue hologram at the center, which when I peeled off the sticker (the one that says how to activate the card online or thru phone) partially "ripped"/"nicked" the blue hologram. Very disappointed on this part. Can't believe that would happen. Overall, this is a promising card with good cash back program not tied down to an annual fee. Credit limit given is good, considering the length of my credit history. Hoping to have a good experience with this card.

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