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Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

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Title: Wow...just Wow
Date Reviewed: 2016-12-29 23:01:32 | Recommended?: No

Review: I have been an amex cardholder for 6 years now. I have 3 cards with them including this blue cash card. I logged on today to request a CLI (currently at 9K I requested 11. I have requested a CLI before on another card and received an auto CLI within 60 seconds. Today I got a "We will notify you with our decision in 7-10 days." When you get approved for a credit card they tell you right away its 2017 why can't they just e mail me a decision? So I called. I was transferred to the CLI team which the lady i spoke with the language barrier was unbearable. All she could say was "You were declined because you have requested a CLI within 90 days" Yes i did, today...once! So I hung up and called again. I explained my whole situation again only for the lady to tell me "You have over 22K in credit between all of your cards why do you want an increase? Lady.... I didn't become an 800 FICO overnight 800 FICO's don't NEED all of their available credit this is why we are 800 ficus because we request CLI's so out debt to income is low. I told her, prime credit customers are educated we didn't become 800 bacons overnight of COURSE I don't need the 11K credit line but I am entitled for this I have WORKED for it. She did not even let me finish before she transferred me to yet another CLI associate with yet another language barrier.All she told me was my CLI was declined because I don't make enough income (I make 97K a year) and that my payments are to low (I only owe about 400 so I make 50 dollars towards the balance because the minimum payment is only 35) I feel extremely de-vaulued as a customer. What do I do? I FEEL i should end my relationship with amex but I don't want to affect my credit score. I don't want to close 22K in credit and have that hit my bureaus. Any advise would be appreciated!

Title: Excellent If You Pay Off Your Balance Monthly
Date Reviewed: 2016-01-15 18:38:38 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: This is one of the few credit cards that I won't get rid of because the customer service is simply fabulous. Any time I've had an issue with an unknown charge, they've taken care of it immediately with no further action needed on my part. A lot of cards make you do all the legwork and then they might take your side or they might not. AmEx is definitely customer-oriented which is why I like them so much. The interest rate is higher on this card than my other cards and it does carry a $75 annual fee, but the cashback on a lot of every day stuff more than covers the cost - if you pay it off every month. I wouldn't recommend carrying a balance on this one due to the higher interest rate.

Title: Rate This Card Perfect 10
Date Reviewed: 2013-04-04 15:01:34 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: This card is one of the best cards consumers should apply for .The customer service is awesome , the benefits are excellent. And thanks to Finance Globe ,I was able to apply for this card and compare rates. thanks , Finance Globe

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