It May be Time for a New Credit Card

While many people keep the same credit card their entire life, this could be a mistake. There are times when it’s best to apply for a new credit card, as opposed to relying on the same one year after year.

Here are some situations in which you should consider this:

  • Poor customer service: If you’re not getting top of the line customer service from your credit card company, it can eventually wear on you. Soon enough, you’ll realize that they’re only using you for what you can do for them. They don’t care about making things right when you have a concern. Poor service alone is reason enough for a change.
  • Better perks: Your current credit card may not have nearly as many perks as you deserve. For example, there may be a better travel rewards credit card out there, which can help you earn more points in a shorter period of time. If you’re going to use a credit card, you might as well get as much as you can in return.
  • Your credit score has improved: For example, when you applied for your current credit card, you may have had poor or average credit. While you were happy to get any credit card at that time, you realized that the terms weren’t favorable. Now that your credit score has improved, you qualify for many offers that are more well-rounded and beneficial to your finances.

Just because you’re thinking about applying for a new credit card doesn’t mean you have to go down this path. Find a handful of offers that excite you, compare them to what you currently have, and then decide what to do next.

If you realize that it’s time for a new credit card, take action by narrowing your options and applying online. You may soon find yourself making a big change.

How long have you had your current credit card? Are you considering a change?

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