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Title: Approve, Experian 564
Date Reviewed: 2013-11-23 17:15:14 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: $250 credit limit.. Experian 564

Title: Milestone Denied 526
Date Reviewed: 2014-08-07 23:11:31 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: The card website was easy to locate via internet search. The application was easy to complete. The application decision was immediate.

Title: Very Disappointing/Mixed Emotions
Date Reviewed: 2016-06-01 13:58:56 | Recommended?: No

Review: I found this card here at Finance Globe in the cards for "fair" credit category. I found it is issued by Celtic Bank, and serviced by Genesis Financial Services. I have been rebuilding for a while now, so I fall into that range. I looked around to see what the starting credit line would be...I found $300, $500, or a "your credit limit will be determined once your application is reviewed and approved". So I thought perhaps a decent line would be given, since I did notice at the application site that there is "NO CREDIT LINE INCREASE PROGRAM AT THIS TIME." After all, I am not just starting out...So I went to the site a went thru the pre-qualification process, which was a soft pull to see if you qualify. I did not receive a hard pull for this card, so that is good. They said I was approved, but didn't tell me the limit or terms yet, but asked me to send in my driver license for verification. I have been asked that before due to a last name change from getting married, so that was fine. In about 7 days I got an e mail from them saying the card was on its way. Another week came, and it arrived in the mail, with the design I chose for free at approval... There are 3 tiers for the card. One with a $0 annual fee, and 23.9% APR, Secondly, a $59 annual fee with a 23.9% APR, and a third for $75 first year, and $99 after that. Surely I thought I would get one of the first I have several no annual fee cards now, and lower annual fees. Nope, I got the worst tier, and a tiny $300 limit. I was shocked! I have cards now with limits in the 1000's now...I guess I can use it for a cup a coffee somewhere. The first year annual fee is non-refundable according to the terms, only the renewal fee of $99 if you tell them within 30 day you are closing the account, so I didn't want to take the chance on a bad mark, so I paid in at their website on a Friday afternoon. If I would of been able to have the fee reversed, I would of called to cancel it, since there was no hard pull.I read if you make your payment Monday-Friday before 5PM Pacific time, it will post the same day, which I did. I received an email confirmation with the time stamped on it well before the cut off time. So I expected to see a zero balance on Saturday. NOPE!! Didn't post till Monday night. And it was subject to a 14 day hold while funds were verified...although that didn't happen to me. I have the whole $300 available to me now...So I called customer service to ask why this happened, the woman didn't have a clue, blaming it on system error when I finally confronted her that I had proof that I made the payment on time. So this card offers something called "over limit" coverage. If you opt in and exceed your credit limit, they MAY cover your charges for you, for a fee. $27 if you haven't had an over limit in the 6 prior cycles, $37 otherwise...never heard of this before, as we shouldn't be going over our limits...Only will charge one fee per cycle, but can charge up to 2 more if you remain over limit in future cycles. $37 late fee if that occurs, and $25 additional card fee for an authorized user. You can call to request a PIN for cash advances, and there is No fee for the first year. $5 or 5% whichever is greater after year 1. My cardholder agreement does say they MAY increase or decrease your limit at any time, so perhaps their is a small hope of an auto CLI, but you clearly can't request one. Since I had to pay the $75, I will keep it for one year, and when the $99 hits, if there is no growth, then I will cancel it to avoid paying that fee next year, as the cardholder agreement states you may do this...Paperless billing is available at website, and you can make payments thru Moneygram as well, but I didn't try that. I suppose that could get you around the hold on funds...but who knows? There was some silly pamphlet included with my card about "platinum" benefits, such as extended warranty, price protection...etc, but who needs that on such a tiny limit anyway??!! I can not recommend this card, i would of closed it immediately, but since i had to pay that annual fee, one year is all they get, and I feel I being generous by giving this card a chance.Minimum payment is 7% of new balance, or $40, whichever is greater... Surprisingly, it didn't even have an EMV chip on it, which I though was becoming the standard now a think carefully on this always best of luck to all rebuilding, but I feel it is safe to pass on this one...

Title: This Card Is The Worst Card You Could Ever Have They Are Criminals In Suits, They Will Ruin You And Your Credit. Please Do Not Use This Card For Helping Your Credit.
Date Reviewed: 2017-10-07 20:30:36 | Recommended?: No

Review: This Card is the worst card you could ever have they are criminals in suits, They will ruin you and your credit. Please do not use this card for helping your credit. They put a late charge on my account when all of payments have been on time for over a year..Yes it was their mistake charging me a late charge since my payments are auto taken out of my account ,they recognize the mistake and yet refused to correct it, It already crazy the interest rate is so high because we try to repair our credit but every time they can they tact on more fees, RUN when you see this name Indigo Credit card.

Title: Worst Card Ever
Date Reviewed: 2017-11-28 13:32:22 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: I pay this card on time every month never late I have a 1p.o. Percent on time payment on all cards for five years make sure of it this card every time I have ever made a payment has called me two weeks later saying I gave the wrong account number to pay No I did not the first time I thought ok maybe but now every time I double cheaked my numbers this month they were correct not to them they weren't I paid this card off tore it up scam they are nothing but scammers DO NOT GET THIS CARD

Title: Worst Card. Terrible Customer Service.
Date Reviewed: 2019-03-05 00:34:59 | Recommended?: Yes

Review: Do not apply for this card. It is a scam. If you over pay your balance due they with hold the balance and do not reapply it to your total balance. Still waiting for them to reimburse me the amount I overpaid.

Title: Misleading Credit Card
Date Reviewed: 2020-03-11 06:52:58 | Recommended?: No

Review: They want you to apply for the card, I have excellent credit, but then they deny me on a $300 CL Card, I have 14 Credit Cards, Always paid on time with minimum payments. This card is for people with bad credit scores and I am a 721 Credit Score. Anyways they denied me then told me I should apply for one of their other cards without telling you which ones you qualify for which would then cause you to do more Hard Inquiries!

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