Credit Card Reward Types

Cash Back credit card

Cash Back credit card

Rewards cards are aimed at consumers with good to excellent credit and offer the cardholder a little something back for using the card.


Generally, rewards are 1% of purchases charged to the card. Depending on the card issuer’s rewards program, extra points may be earned for shopping with specific retailers, or for making purchases with certain types of vendors.


The examples below will give the consumer a quick look at some types of rewards card, but always read the card issuer’s terms and conditions to fully understand the card’s rewards program.


Getting rewards in the form of cash is the most versatile form of rewards. Cash rewards can be spent on anything or can be applied towards the credit card’s balance.


Air Miles
Frequent fliers may find their needs served by an airline rewards card. Air rewards cards may come with perks such as one free checked bag, discounts on car rental, or an occasional complimentary companion ticket.


Gas Cards & Restaurant/Entertainment Rewards
Generally, gas and restaurant rewards are actually cash-back, but these cards earn more points on fuel purchases and/or restaurant spending. These cards may be perfect for those who commute to work everyday, habitually eat out, or travel often.


Get Merchandise & Gift Cards
Cardholders can go online to “shop” for merchandise within the card issuer’s “store.” Gift cards may be a good way to redeem points and be able to choose specific items from a chosen merchant, rather than being limited to the card issuer’s merchandise.


There are many choices in rewards cards. By carefully considering their personal needs and shopping habits and choosing a card accordingly, it can be fairly simple for consumers to select the most beneficial card for their situation.


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