3 Ways to Get Max Value From a Hotel Rewards Credit Card

Having the right credit card opens the door to a world of amazing benefits. Free hotel nights are a welcome benefit for both frequent travelers and people who take just one or two vacations per year. Using the right credit card can help you rack up enough points or even cash back rewards to get you free hotel nights, sometimes even a complete hotel stay.…
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What to Know Before Getting a Store Credit Card

The 10% discount customer service representatives offer for opening a store credit card isn’t always worth it. Before you agree to signup for a store credit card, make sure you’re ready for another credit card. The credit card should offer enough ongoing benefits to justify having it.

You may not be able to use it outside the store.

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Avoiding Credit Cards? Here’s How It Can Backfire

Millennials are more likely not to have a credit card. Sometimes choose to avoid credit cards because they think it’s a one-way ticket to debt. Or because they simply prefer to use cash. While there are some risks to using a credit card – like running up a big balance – those risks can be managed.…
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What to Do If Your Credit Card Application Is Denied

The moments after you press the submit button on a credit card application can feel like an eternity. While you hope for the best, there’s always a chance you can be denied.

Even with a great credit score, certain factors can stand between you and the perfect credit card. It’s not the end of the world.…
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Business Financing Resources: Get the Money You Need

Has the time come for your business to receive a cash infusion? Are you wondering where to turn for the money you need?

When it comes to business financing, there is no shortage of options. For example, business credit cards are extremely popular, as good or excellent credit allows you to open an account with favorable terms.…
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Why You Should Always Avoid Credit Card Finance Charges

Most credit cards give you the option of paying off your charges each month or taking your time and making monthly payment. If you choose to take your time paying off your balance, you’ll be hit with a finance charges. Finance charges are essentially the fee you pay for carrying your balance beyond the allowed grace period.…
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3 Tips for Combining Credit Cards to Max Out Rewards

Remaining loyal to just one credit card could leave valuable credit card rewards on the table. Opening two or more rewards credit cards allows you to max out your rewards by earning on all your spending.

Choose cards with different bonus categories.

When you’re shopping for credit cards to pair, pay close attention to the rewards structure.…
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What Credit Card Pre-Approval Really Means

The “approved” part of a pre-approved credit card can be a bit misleading. If you’ve ever been denied for a credit card that you were pre-approved for, then you know that being pre-approved doesn’t mean what it seems. As with any other credit card, approval isn’t guaranteed.

If you’re considering applying for a card you were pre-approved for, keep your fingers crossed, but don’t get your hopes up too high.…
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How to Handle Credit Card Charges That Aren’t Yours

Being able to access your online credit card account has the added benefit of allowing you to spot unauthorized charges sooner. Even when you’re careful with your card, there’s always a chance that hackers can steal your credit card information in other ways. For example, thieves may breach a company you’ve previously done business with.…
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Are You Ready for a Student Credit Card?

As a student, you may have a strong interest in applying for a credit card. While there are many benefits of carrying a student credit card, you don’t want to go down this path until you’re 100 percent sure that it’s the right decision.

Here are five questions you can answer to clear the air:

  • How do you plan on using your new credit card?

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